2017 Tailgating Information      

Please join us for the fun Saturday October 14th!

Download your Tailgating Registration form here

Announcing the opening of the sixth annual Tailgating Reservations for Saturday, Cross Country Day!  For the added enjoyment of our Fall Festival spectators, Fair Hill International will provide a limited number of assigned Reserved Tailgating Parking Spaces.  Each space, measuring approximately 15’ x 30’, will be alongside galloping lanes for the CCI** and CCI*** Cross-Country phase.   There will be three groups of tailgate locations at three different area locations marked “Tailgate Area A”, “B”, and “C” on below map. (All are similar to previous years.)  Tailgaters will be assigned specific numbered spaces on a first pay, first allocated basis with preference given to last year’s patrons.  (But even if you are new, go ahead and send you reservation in now!) Patrons may request an “area.”  Every effort will be made to assign spots to requested “areas”.   Remember we SOLD OUT of Tailgating spots the past two years – don’t delay in sending in your reservation!  Patrons will be notified of assignments by October 1; tickets will come in U.S. Mail.


Lawn Box Seating on SUNDAY ONLY is a NEW offering this fall, for folks who are looking to tailgate in style while watching Show Jumping.

Lawn Box Seating offers:

  • Two Sunday VIP Parking Passes
  • Six admission tickets
  • A private seating area with six Adirondack chairs
  • Signage for your private box (personal, farm, or corporate)
  • Food available for purchase (or bring your own!)
  • Excellent event watching, overlooking the Main Arena
  • Sunday Fair Hill Club passes

Sunday Lawn Boxes are only $200 for our Tailgaters (a $100 savings!)


We are offering special Tailgating spots in 2017 (for a family reunion, alumni group, or company picnic)  Different from established Tailgating Areas, we can find the perfect spot for your group size and needs – a tent/chairs/tables can be arranged.  Need it catered?  Pick a spot and let us do all the work!  The site may be purchased on its own or be part of a sponsorship package. If you are interested in this option, please talk to us!



Area “A” still overlooks the water jump downhill behind the Kids’ Corner area.  From this location you will be seeing the horses through the Chesapeake water. Tailgate Area “B” is conveniently  down the meadow road heading out towards the start/finish.  The people mover/tractor stops there and it is the most accessible.  Area “C” will again be spots out near the start/finish area and overlook the pond and water jumps out there.

A tailgating permit (hangtag) provides access for one vehicle to your Reserved Tailgating Parking Space on Saturday, October 14, 2017 only and will be purchased prior to that day.   Included will also be six (6) general admission tickets which will be collected by your tailgate hosts.  Everyone (12 yrs of age or older) in the vehicle must have an admission ticket, or purchase one from the host.

Please come and have a great time, but because you will be next to galloping lanes, to provide for the safety of, and fairness to all our competitors and horses, there are very strict guidelines we ask you to follow:

Admission to Event:  You will be contacted prior to the event with your spot assignment.  Vehicles for Areas “A” and “B”  will enter at the main gate off Gallaher Road.  Vehicles for Area “C” will enter off Gallaher Road at the competitor’s parking lot near the start gate.  Please see map.  The gates open to you at 8:10 am. Tailgaters are welcomed and encouraged to come early. Your vehicle must be in these gates by 8:45 am, displaying your hang tag.  You will be directed from there to your space. You must be parked and have any tent erected, secured and approved by 9:00 am.  Tents need to be staked, and not just weighted down.


If officials alter the start time, we may need to shift your arrival time.  We will send emails but it will also be posted on this page and on FHI’s FaceBook page.  Please check these frequently in the days prior to the Saturday event, including the night before!  Currently Cross Country is scheduled to begin at 9:30 AM.


Food and Beverage: You may bring your own food and beverages subject to the rules outlined for Tailgating (below). There are also many concessions and a ‘pub’ on the grounds.   Friends are welcomed to join you bringing food/beverages as well.   If they need assistance from the entrance gate to your spot, they should ask for a hospitality cart.

Vendors and other events: There will be many vendors selling all sorts of merchandise, a Kids’ Corner, dog agility and Frisbee demonstrations, and many more fun events during the day.  See the free Program we provide that day.  There is a tractor/wagon shuttle from the start/finish  area to/from the vendor and food tent areas and main gate.


Dogs:  While dogs are welcomed at FHI, they must be kept on a leash at all times.   Any dog not properly leashed will be impounded.  (And there is a hefty fine!)  Also, please do not allow them near or onto the galloping lanes.   Please tidy up after them.  Please keep dogs well clear of neighboring tailgaters’ guests and food.  If your dog does not “play well with others” please leave your dog at home.  Do not expect to just keep your dog in your car for the entire day.

Children:  Please be particularly sensitive to where they are at all times and that an adult is supervising.

Galloping lanesPlease do not cross ropes that designate the galloping lanes except at designated cross-overs which are supervised by official stewards/outriders and go only when a horse is not coming.  You are allowed to walk the course as long as you stay outside the ropes.  (You may see people walking inside the ropes but they are officials or riders.) This is for your safety and the safety of competitors.  Remember that this is a serious competition and nothing should interfere with the athletes as they maneuver a difficult course of jumps and obstacles.  You could cause serious injury to yourself, a rider, or a horse.  Remember that when you hear a whistle it is the signal that a horse will momentarily be galloping full speed by you.  Heads up!   Horses will come by every three or four minutes during each of the morning and afternoon competitions.  Occasionally a rider may fall and their horse will run away.  Please be careful if one of these horses comes towards you.  There will be mounted outriders following trying to catch the horse. Please remember there may be another competitor coming and you want to stay out of their way.  Your host will have ‘orders of go’ with the program they distribute, so that you know what horses are on course.


Safety Regulations:

  1. Vehicles must be passenger vehicles only; no trailers, no RV’s, buses or large vans. They should be parked within your allotted space by 8:45 am.  (TIME SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON COURSE START TIME.)  Traffic on Gallaher Road can be busy that morning, so plan accordingly.
  2. Vehicles must remain parked and may not be moved until AFTER the last horse has completed Cross-Country at approximately 4:00 P.M.
  3. Tents are allowed within the same space, but may be no larger than 10’ x 10’ and have no sides. They must be staked/secured.  The Tailgating Host/ Security will approve the tent.  Any improperly placed or non-staked/secured tents will be removed.  Tents may be completely banned the morning of the event if high winds are expected.
  4. No other motorized vehicles allowed. This includes golf carts, ATVs, scooters, Segways or motorcycles.
  5. Please do not bring glass containers for your beverage. Please use the trash bags provided.
  6. You may utilize a gas grill but no charcoal or open flames or fires. An emergency fire extinguisher is at each section.
  7. No flags or banners allowed.
  8. No generators or noise-makers. No loud music please.
  9. Your Tailgating Hosts and Hostesses will be so identified and answer any questions for you. Please follow their instructions.  They will also have access to radios to summon security or emergency personnel if need be.
  10. There will be no refunds due either to weather or behavior-caused removal from the event.
  11. Have fun!

2017 Tailgate Prices:                                             

Area “A” or “B” or “C”             $ 300.     (Price has remained the same as last year!)    

Tailgating questions:  kathie.troutman@comcast.net  (please incl. “tailgating” in subject heading) 

Download your Tailgating Registration form here      


We will not reserve a spot until we have payment!


Tailgate Map 2016