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CLICK here for the 2016 Program, including links to all our Vendors, Sponsors, and Advertisers

Welcome Vendors!

Our Country Shops area is at the very heart of the competition grounds.  10,000 people will travel through the Country Shops area over the course of the event.

We have indoor and outdoor booth spaces available.  Electric, tables, and chairs are available.  For the small business who needs a more affordable, smaller sized option – our Table Vendor tent is a great choice.

Fair Hill International runs from Thursday October 12 – Sunday October 15, 2017.

Early Bird discounts must be received by AUGUST 1.  All contracts must be received by SEPTEMBER 15 to be considered for the event.

Join us for a wonderful weekend of horses, family fun, and shopping!

Sharyn Wingate and Ruth LaJoie

Fail Hill International Country Shop Chairs

H: (302) 369-5898 C: (302) 377-5395 OR (302) 377-5373

Click here for a printable copy of our Vendor Contracts

NOTE – we also have a food court and offer spaces to a select number of food vendors for the event.  For Food Vendor information, please see the Food Vendor Page