Young Event Horse East Coast Championship

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USEA Young Event Horse East Coast Championships

Congratulations to the YEH East Coast Champions!

5 Year Old Division – Exclusively Cooley, ridden by Kim Severson

4 Year Old Division – Bea Ready, ridden by Kristen Bond


USEA’s Young Event Horse Page

2017 West Coast YEH Championships: October 5 at Woodside International Three-Day Event & H.T. in Woodside, CA

2017 East Coast YEH Championships: October 12-13 at Fair Hill International in Elkton, MD

2017 YEH Judges: Judy Bradwell, Mark Weissbecker, Faith Fessenden


Location and Timing:

•The Conformation & Type and Dressage sections will be held on Thursday October 12 in the William DuPont  Jr. Arena.  See the Schedule for details on timing
•The Jumping Test/Gallop and General Impression section will be held on Friday October 13 in the Saw Mill Field.


The USEA Young Event Horse Series gives owners and breeders the opportunity to showcase the potential of their four- and five-year-old horses while encouraging them to produce top-level event horses for the future. Young Event Horse classes focus on education and preparation of the event horse in a correct and progressive manner. Youngsters are asked to complete three sections:

•Conformation and Type
•Jumping Test/Gallop/General Impression.

The ultimate goal of the Young Event Horse Series is to choose the youngsters that possess the talent and mind set, and who with proper training, will excel in the uppermost levels of the eventing world.

Horses participating in the Young Event Horse Championships have earned the right to be here by garnering qualifying scores throughout the year at Young Event Horse Classes. These Young Event Horse Championships are made up of the best four-and five-year-olds in the country.


Each section will be scored on a 1-10 mark basis.

1 = very bad
2 =bad
3 = fairly bad
4 = insufficient
5 = sufficient
6 = satisfactory
7 = fairly good
8 = good
9 = very good
10 = excellent

Section I    Conformation and Type    15%
Section II    Dressage Test    35%
Section III    Jumping Test/Gallop/General Impression    50%

Conformation and Type

The horse is judged without tack and in hand on potential for soundness, speed and stamina. Handlers will be asked to walk and trot them in a straight line for soundness and correctness. Color, size, and gender should not be a factor in a horse’s score


The dressage section, unlike a normal dressage test, marks overall collective impression (not by each individual movement). Three correct, elastic and regular gaits through a swinging back are the qualities that judges seek.

The Four-Year-Old Dressage test can be found here.

The Five-Year-Old Dressage test can be found here.

Jumping Test/Gallop and General Impression

The jumping section looks for a bold, athletic horse with good technique. A horse with these qualities should not necessarily be penalized for knocking down a fence providing he or she learns from the mistake. The horses will be tested over a mixture of show jumps and cross-country fences including a bank, ditch, and water. The horses are then required to show their gallop immediately following the last jump.

Four-year-old Championships – 30 percent of the jumps will be at the maximum height of 3’3” to mirror the specifications for the Training level.

Five-year-old Championships – 30 percent of the jumps will be at the maximum height of 3’7” to mirror the specifications for the Preliminary level

The full Jumping Standards can be found here.

2016 Results

YEH Jump map



Bruce Davidson YEH-5