Foxcatcher Volunteer Info


Alissa Norman photo

Interested in learning more about distance riding? Volunteering is the
very best way to gain some experience!

We need volunteers for the following jobs:

Trail marking: Riders needed before and after the ride to mark and un-mark the trail
Vet Scribe: Great job for a first time volunteer. Needed on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday – we’d like the same person to stay with the same vet all day
Timers: Needed to record times for pulses and for arrival at base camp. This will be a team of two or three people. We can train you!
Pulse taker: Experience needed to be able to take a pulse with a stethoscope
Spotter: Sit in a vehicle to make certain riders pass your portion of the trail

Volunteers will be needed on Saturday from 7AM until the trail closes. We will probably have a
morning and an afternoon shift of people.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator,
Lise’ Lavender.

Lise’ can be reached at:

Louisa Emerick Photo

Louisa Emerick Photo