Fair Hill International would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteer staff. There are many ways that you can become a volunteer as well. Get involved to give back to your sport.  IT’S FUN!

PLEASE NOTE:  October sign-ups for Volunteers are posted to the EventingVolunteers site now.  Can you help?  Sign up today!

We’ve got a NEW Volunteer sign-up through the — USEA’s Eventing Volunteers program.

Click EventingVolunteers.com to get started!

(If you’re having problems signing up, or finding FHI’s events, please call the office – we’ll help you out.)

All October Festival and CCI volunteers will be admitted to the event all four days, plus receive a Volunteer parking pass. Volunteers also receive 10% off their purchase at the FHI merchandise booth, plus lunch and snacks in our NEW Volunteer Lounge that overlooks the Main Arena!.

We are rolling out a new FHI Volunteer Voucher Program with lots of new volunteer rewards and opportunities – details soon!


How Many Volunteers Does It Take to Run The Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International 3-Day Event?
According to the check-in data collected by the EventingVolunteers website, it takes 190!  And we’re positive that not everyone checked in – so well over 200 people volunteered many many hours of time to make our October event a success.  THANK YOU!  We hope you had fun!
Last Name First Name
Adams Valerie
Adams Holly
Adams Anne
Allan Molly
Allen Molly
Barnett Ed
Barnett Leanne
Barnett Leanne
Barrick Jennifer
Barrick Bruce
Bartlett Sarah
Bashore Jo Ann
Bennett Juanita
Bowersox Rob
Bowersox Karen
Brackin Alexandra
Brady Nina
Brandt Katie
Brothers Elizabeth
Campbell Susan
Carman Deborah
Case Julie
Collins Andrea
Collins Andrea
Combs Rhonda
Costa TJ
Covey Holly
Crawford Robert
Daggett Lauren
Davis Barbara
Davis Dennis
Davis Jeanne
Demarest Ethan
Edgerton-Cameron Dawn
Eggink Charlotte Ann
Ellis Julianne
Ervin Paige
Ferris Karen
Filippone Jay
Fisher Christine
Fiss Monica
Fleming Leah
Flick Doug
Frock Louise
Galbraith Catherine
Gale Linda
Gattinella Jill
George Stephanie
Grace Mary
Grez Mary
Griefer Sue
Gudger Zola
Gudger Zola
Gurski Jennifer
Hansrote Karen
Haynie Samantha
Henry Carma
Hollon Ginny
Howard Ami
Hung Anny
Hurley Timothy
Hutton Bonnie
Isaacson Holly
Iwersen Lisa
Iwersen friend Lisa
James Linda
James Linda
James Linda
John Bratton
Judge Kathy
Katz Sarah
Keenan Maureen
Kennedy Evelyn
Kislowski Kristin
kolachny lauren
Kolarik Ronald
Komisor Kelly
Komisor Kelly
Kundravi Ashley
La Barre Holly
Lamparski Lara
Leese Carrie
Lehman Stacey
Leininger Carolyn
Licup Kym
Lopez Isabel
Loughnane Megan
Lyons Ann
Maccauley Kim
Martin Nancy
Martin Nancy
McCardell Erin
McDowell Laurie
McIntyre Katie
Mckaughan Stephanie
McKinney Kim
McKinnon Laraom
McLaughlin Kathy
McLean Hoot
McLean Hoot
Meckelnburg Caren
Melato April
meredith gail
Miller Darcy
Mink Gail
Mitchell Kristina
Mitchell Eugene
Mom Tara’s
Montgomery Raven
Moreland Kristen
Moss Anne
Mullen Suzanne
Murphy Boone
Murphy James
Murphy Liz
Nally Trisha
Narvesen Joan Nanette
Narvesen Ed
Neumark Rachel
Nickel Scott
Novotny Katie
O’Donnell Lisa
O’Donnell Miranda
Olah Monica
Osborne Lisa
Owen Dick
Panos Michelle
Pearce Charlotte
Pearce Charlotte
Petterson Beth
Pfeiffer Michelle
Phillips Andrea
Piovoso Betty
Porter Bonnie
Powell Donna
Pratt Robyn
Purcell Lea
Rager Bob
Ray Kim
Read Bodgie
Reilly Laura
Reisler Donna
Reisler Shawndell
Reynolds Jennifer
Ringer Suzanne
Ringer Delana
Ritter Pam
Roberts Sallie
Romans Aneesa
Roseman David
Rucci Carsan
Rucci Tara
Ryan Aimee
Sanders Virginia
Schneemann Kerstin
Scott Brooke
Sellers Tanya
Sharpe Audrey
Simoff Betsy
Skiff Laurel
Skiff Ryan Christine
Sleeper Jane
Smagala Kristy
Smith Amanda
Smith Hannah
Smith Cindy
Stromdahl Ellen
Sutton Lawrence Beverly
Sycalik Michaela
Thompson Lisa
Tirnbull Bertha
Tomevi Cindy
Tomevi Cindy
Truitt Lydia
Vild Donna
Vild Donna
Vinson Heather
Walker Heather
Wandy Tiffany
Ward Linda
Warren Jean
Weaver Janine
White Brooke
Wiedemann Pam
Wilson Syd
Wilson Syd
Wood Cindy
Zeigler Mary
Zeigler Chuck
Zelluk-McGarry Valerie